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Underwater Laser Scanning and Other Lesser-Known Services
January 21, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of a drone performing underwater laser scanning services.

Scanning services transform what’s possible across manufacturing, industrial projects, commercial and residential construction, and site mapping. As technology evolves, new innovations drive the standards for mapping, scanning, and engineering support for industrial and construction endeavors. While drone services have become commonplace, there may be new, lesser-known scanning technologies that apply to your industry. Whatever your goals for your next project–at any scale–working with a professional scanning service gives you access to the latest technology to optimize your organization’s processes. From reverse engineering to stockpile volume measurements and underwater laser scanning, learn more about some of the lesser-known scanning services provided by Spartan Scanning Solutions across Indiana.

Underwater laser scanning services

Our laser scanning gives clients instantaneous high-resolution underwater images. We eliminate long processing times for more efficient troubleshooting and project development. Using laser scanning lets you get instant, crystal-clear information to guide your project or repair’s next steps.

We use a laser to scan the target, collecting real-time data points in a three-dimensional cloud. Get expert insight into selecting the right service for your application, whether short or long-range, when you work with engineering professionals like the team at Spartan Scanning Solutions.

A drill rig on site at the Deepwater Horizon disaster well containment efforts.

Stockpile volume measuring

An essential step in eliminating inefficiencies in your construction or mining organization is accuracy in your stockpile measurements. However, it can also take a long time, slowing down daily operations and diverting your team from more crucial daily tasks.

Laser scanning for stockpile volume measuring can give you accurate information without diverting your skilled team from the operations that keep your organization running on time and budget. Whenever you need volume calculations, laser scanning can offer solutions.

Roll alignment

Roll alignment forestalls or prevents several crises for your operation, including uneven bearing stresses, web breaks, warping, delaminations, and more. Properly aligned rolls are essential for delivering high-quality and consistent products to clients.

Laser alignment delivers incredible accuracy to keep rolls in better alignment for longer to help your operation avoid costly downtime to re-alignment and repairs. Spartan Scanning Solutions keeps manufacturing and industrial endeavors across Northern Indiana operational while delivering the highest quality products possible.

Custom machine guarding

Keeping your team safe is not only OSHA regulation and the right thing to do but essential to running a productive, strong organization. We design custom machine guards for individual machines to not only keep your employees safe but improve daily efficiency.

Our priority with custom machine guarding is to deliver permanent results to our clients so they can focus on other areas of their operation, knowing their employees are protected and machines running efficiently.

Soft corals, algae, fish ( a doctorfish and butterflyfish), and sponges in a highly diverse reef scene.

Ongoing technical support

Even the most advanced laser scanning is worthless if you cannot view the deliverables. That’s why one of the most critical laser scanning services you might need is ongoing technical support. Ensure you can access crucial information related to your scans, upload data to the cloud, and resolve technical issues to make the most of your scanning products.

Spartan Scanning Solutions provides underwater laser scanning, reverse engineering, and more for clients across Indiana.

Spartan Scanning Solutions is a team of engineering professionals who saw the industry’s shortcomings and dedicated themselves to changing them. We empower our clients to push the limits of design through scanning services that utilize industry-leading technology. Spartan Scanning Solutions can transform the way you approach your next project. We bring innovative technology and creative approaches to clients working in manufacturing, industrial operations, and construction. Solve problems and get complete peace of mind by working with the Spartan Scanning Solutions team for your next project.

Contact Spartan to learn more about our lesser-known scanning services, including reverse engineering, customized deliverables, and underwater laser scanning.