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Scanning Solutions You Need for Different Types of Projects
January 31, 2023 at 5:00 AM
Scanning Solutions You Need for Different Types of Projects

When most people hear the term scanning, they tend to think of the type of scanning done by office copiers. However, scanning technology has advanced at a high-speed rate, and these days, scanning solutions are used for many projects. This guide outlines some of the latest scanning technologies available and explains the benefits of using them for your next project.

Scanning technologies you should know.

Structured Light Scanning

Structured light scanning is a solution that allows you to measure an object’s three-dimensional shape using projected light patterns and a camera system. The scanner projects a band of light onto the object’s surface, creating a line of illumination and a highly accurate model of real 3D objects. It’s used in numerous industries, including production control, cosmetics, medicine, and the entertainment industry.

Benefits of structured light scanning.

This has quickly become a trendy scanning technology for numerous reasons. The scanner can come in a variety of sizes, including handheld models that are incredibly lightweight. That makes it easier to navigate a project site with ease. It’s also very accurate, so users know the final detailed image can be trusted. Finally, users like the speed of the device. With newer technologies, it’s possible to scan something, reverse engineer it, and make adjustments on a computer program in minutes as opposed to the weeks it took with older technology.

Laser Scanning

This technology is similar to structured light scanning, although it does have some key differences. With laser scanning, the scanner projects a single laser line onto an object rather than projected light patterns. It then uses sensors to capture the reflection of the light and generate an incredibly accurate 3D model of the object. However, its accuracy depends on the properties of the object’s surface, so it’s not very effective on shiny or transparent objects.

Benefits of laser scanning.

One of the big selling points of laser scanners is the cost and time savings they provide on a project. They can scan millions of data points in seconds so that entire environments can be surveyed quickly. That means fewer person-hours on the site, which translates to cost savings for the project. Its accuracy is another reason it’s so popular. They capture incredibly comprehensive 3D data, so almost every detail of the scanned object is recorded. For these reasons, this technology is used in industries like law enforcement, insurance, construction, and site surveying.

Stockpile Volume Measurement

This scanning solution helps businesses measure the volume, density, and mass of commodity stockpiles. It’s a great solution for companies who have to store and transport materials in bulk, usually materials that have been dumped by trucks. Companies can use it to get an accurate volume measurement of their stockpile, and it’s often used in the construction, mining, recycling, and shipping industries.

Benefits of stockpile volume measurement.

The results provided by this solution can help a business manage the records they have on their stockpile so they can more accurately compare what was forecasted to what was actually delivered. Having accurate information also helps inform financial reports and can have an impact on loan requests. Since it can be done without on-foot inspections, it also drastically improves efficiency and creates safer working conditions for employees.

Do you need a scanning solution?

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