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Laser Scanner Services at Spartan Scanning Solutions
September 6, 2021 at 9:30 PM
A drone performs scanning services for commercial properties in a busy city.

As a company planning a building project–commercial, residential, or industrial–you’re missing out on revolutionary technology if you’re not implementing scanning services throughout your workflow. Using three-dimensional scanners and drone technology, you can reduce the time spent on a wide variety of projects. At the same time, you receive better quality data in an accessible and easy-to-understand deliverable.

Regardless of your industry–from manufacturing and industrial to agricultural and real estate––there’s an opportunity to optimize your workflow with scanning services.

Spartan Scanning Solutions offers a broad range of scanning services that make planning, designing, and building more manageable than ever. Keep reading to learn more about some of our featured services.

3D Scanning Services

Our scanning services are customizable to our client’s unique needs. When you reach out for a consultation, we take the time to understand your end goal. Then, we’ll partner with you to deliver the right scanning services to achieve it. There are diverse applications for 3D scanning. As experienced engineers using the latest technology, we’re adept at connecting clients with the services that will empower them to go further with their next project.

Just a few typical applications for our 3D scanning services include:

  • Establishing a record of historic buildings
  • Floor plans for planning, organizing, and layout of office space
  • Clash detection for moving large equipment

Whatever your problem, project, or end goal, we offer various scanning services using the most advanced technology possible and can provide deliverables that include:

  • Three-dimensional models of spaces and buildings
  • Two-dimensional floor plans or elevations
  • Either colorized or intensity mapped point clouds

Get the deliverables you need with reliable, customizable processes with scanning services from Spartan Scanning Solutions.

Drone Mapping

We offer UAV LiDAR scanning and mapping to businesses throughout the Midwest. Using drones, we’re experienced in a range of project types, including:

  • Civil engineering projects
  • School and hospital campuses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial and agricultural areas
  • Real estate

We provide high-quality edited photos and videos showcasing your project or property. Book our drone mapping and scanning services for either a half or a full day.

The LiDAR technology goes further than a simple photo and video-capturing drone. It collects survey-quality data even in difficult to reach and hazardous areas:

  • Steep terrain
  • Contaminated or unstable areas
  • Landscape with dense vegetation

LiDAR works faster than any other survey software available to complete projects, even in a fraction of the time of other companies. Then, we deliver quality-assured high-definition data of mapped surfaces.

There’s no better way to get survey-quality data for your project, no matter how difficult the terrain.

Facility Specific and Ongoing Services

At Spartan Scanning Solutions, we build longstanding relationships with our clients through facility-specific and ongoing services. By offering adaptive solutions for evolving projects, we become a trusted partner in future enterprises. Whether you ship products to our headquarters or need on-site support, we deliver high-quality data so you can provide your clients and customers with the best service possible.

Facility-specific services include custom machine guarding, roll alignment, and floor drawings.

Ongoing services allow us to customize the capabilities of our technology to suit your unique needs. Reach out to learn more about reverse engineering, stockpile volume measuring, and our experienced, insightful tech support.

Contact Spartan Scanning Solutions to learn more about our scanning services and how they can benefit you.

At Spartan Scanning, we partner with clients to use laser and drone scanning services to solve their most pressing problems. Our innovative team is changing what’s possible through industrial scanning and drone mapping. We have experience working with companies across commercial, residential, and manufacturing projects, providing them with total confidence in every aspect of design, planning, and building.

When you need unparalleled insight into your next project, get in touch with Spartan Scanning Solutions. We offer scanning services across the Midwest for a wide range of applications.