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Industrial Uses for 3D Laser Scanner Services
September 21, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Image of an engineer getting ready to use a 3D laser scanner for something cool.

3D laser scanning and drone services are revolutionizing fields in manufacturing, construction, and industry. Project managers now have access to better-quality data than ever before regarding their products, job sites, and safety practices. With our industry-leading expertise and advanced technology, we partner with businesses to provide them with the information they need for prototyping, reverse engineering, and failure investigations. Our goal is to improve our clients’ workflow and bottom lines with accessible, reliable technology. We equip industrial manufactures to excel in their field.

What does a 3D laser scanner do?

3D laser scanners use advanced technology to map and record the surface of a three-dimensional object. The scanner device captures a point cloud of information which it can then recreate using software. It’s a reliable, accurate way to record the size and shape of objects at a sub-millimeter level for reconstruction or replication.

Here are just a few of the uses for a 3D laser scanner in the industrial field.

Americans wind manufacturing - Nordex USA manufacturing facility - Jonesboro, Arkansas.


The old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure rarely gets applied in the industrial field. But when it comes to pre-production, the more information you have before starting the manufacturing process, the less trouble-shooting and reworking you have to do later. 3D laser scanner services give you accurate, high-quality data with sub-millimeter accuracy.

From R&D to prototyping, having accurate data regarding parts and machinery saves time and money in the manufacturing cycle. You can revolutionize your next project by doing more of it digitally, with the software and data to support you.

Spartan Scanning Solutions offers both on-site and in-house scanning to affordably accommodate a range of client needs, from parts and equipment to facility scanning and surveys.

During manufacturing

Use 3D scanner services to expedite the manufacturing process. For clients who are unsure of how more advanced technology can benefit their traditional manufacturing process, our team customizes our range of services to every job. Once you’re familiar with Spartan Scanning Solution’s capabilities, you’ll find new ways to employ them throughout your workflow.

A scanner with support software provides better, more detailed first article inspection. Our clients get confirmation of their process’s success and critical information regarding dimensions and tolerances for the part in question.

3D laser scanner services also allow for more accurate reverse engineering of parts. Deliver unparalleled results to customers when you can provide pinpoint part recreation without blueprints or plans. Industrial clients can also provide RAW data that we can then translate into three-dimensional plans to create parts or products.

A company manufacturing giant parts. 3D scanning services and reverse engineering make this easier than ever before.

For failure investigations

Getting clear answers is never more critical than when things go wrong. Using 3D laser scanner services, you can get precise information about how a part or product failed with detailed data and 3D model recreation. You’re also able to verify the dimensions and manufacturing of the product to confirm it met manufacturing standards.

Incorporating outsourced 3D scanners into your industrial manufacturing process is a way to get the information you need without additional equipment or staff. Improve your industrial manufacturing process at every level with a 3d laser scanner.

Work with Spartan Scanning Solutions for drone and 3D laser scanner services in the Midwest.

We founded Spartan Scanning Solutions to remedy the shortcomings in the engineering field using the most advanced technology available. Our services revolutionize how our clients approach their current and upcoming projects by redefining what’s possible with design. Get more data of a higher quality than ever before about your projects with our expertise and equipment. From initial survey to risk mitigation, we tailor every service to our client’s unique needs and goals.

Contact us for a 3D scanner services consultation to discover the breadth of our capabilities and how we can tailor them to your current or next project.