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Beginner’s Guide to Spartan Scanning Solutions Reality Capture

Spartan Scanning Solutions is the premier reality capture and engineering company in northern Indiana and beyond.

We offer our customers state-of-the-art technology and decades of engineering experience to provide customized project solutions. From straightforward assessments to complex, multi-tiered design projects, we can help you improve your operations at all stages.

Interested in reality capture but unsure how this scanning service works? In this beginner’s guide, we’ll lay out all the major elements of this technology and how it can streamline your design phase.

The Basics of Scanning

Reality capture utilizes the latest technological advancements to develop and implement quality, accuracy, and productivity in your workflow.

3D models are developed using laser scans, photographs, drones, and other sources. These reality capture models can then be assessed, adjusted, and fine-tuned to identify pain points.

The goal of this process is to find areas of opportunity and improvement for business operations.

For example, a production facility may start initial planning to upscale their output. Using a 3D scan and analysis from Spartan Scanning Solutions, you can get a better overview of your current production facility.

Our team of skilled engineers can show you how to transform your space to better connect to your operational goals. This modeling process streamlines your planning so that you can make strategic designs grounded in reality.

Why Scanning Improves Your Design Even More

The Spartan Scanning Solutions team was founded by engineers committed to the best possible service for our clients. We understand the challenges within this ever-changing industry in terms of design and deployment. We work with you to develop highly accurate solutions with minimal downtime.

1. Pinpoint Accuracy

You need the details of your planning and design to be 100% accurate. Otherwise, you're spending more money and time down the line.

Our team cross-coordinates using multiple scanning methods to get all the details right at the start. This includes the deployment of multiple technologies like lasers, lidar, and structured light scans.

2. Efficiency in Every Step

The digitization of your site creates an accessible replica for expert surveying and analyzing. This process instantly streamlines how your site is documented, which drastically cuts the expense of providing this service.

Our method offers you a better way to get these key insights into how workflows operate at your site. Your scanning saves considerable time – which translates into major cost savings.

3. Easier and Smoother Design Changes

In the past, planning and embarking on design or workflow changes was a disjointed and complicated endeavor. Multiple visits to the worksite to measure and go over plans meant many hands involved. And this frequently created errors in plans and greater costs.

Digitized site data links you to key analytical insights at your fingertips. Our experts can use these resources to rapidly gain key knowledge on how and where to adjust your workflow. This means faster planning, fewer errors, and smoother changes.

4. Integrated 3D Designing

Reality capture provides the connective force between your concrete site information and a digital design platform. This integrated capability bypasses many of the steps normally required to convert manual designs into digital assets.

By utilizing this technology, you hasten the planning and designing of your operations. In turn, you improve your construction schedule as well.

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Spartan Scanning Solutions has proudly served our customers across Northern Indiana for years. No matter where your site is located, we want to be your source for high-grade scanning and design solutions.

To learn more about what we do and to request a demo, get in touch with our team today.